For the past two decades, the turnout of Americans in presidential elections has been below 60%. In 2020, however, Americans voted at a record-breaking 61.3%. Turnout in local city elections with populations less than a million is often as low as 20%.


The problem is that general public don’t voice their opinion in the voting booths where in fact policies and laws are approved by elected officials.

In fact, only a small percentage of eligible voters actually vote on election day. This means that many decisions are made without the input of everyone affected by them.

In a democracy, everyone should have an equal say in how their government works. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn about issues and candidates, and to participate in elections themselves.

On the other hand, politicians have to raise millions of dollars for their campaigns and have to spend much of their time raising money from special interest groups.


The solution is to educate voters on the importance of voting and teach them how to do it effectively. The goal of my workshop is to increase voter turnout by providing information about elections and voting process.

About Amin

Amin is one of nine children born to Indian immigrants who migrated to the United States from Pakistan, ultimately residing in Round Rock, Texas.
In 1978, Amin’s father was offered a job at Heathrow Airport. As a result, he and his family relocated to London, England, where Amin started kindergarten at age four.
From London, the family moved to Karachi, Pakistan. Then in the mid 1980s they slowly migrated to New York where Amin finished his high school education. In 1994 Amin moved to Toronto, Canada, and completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems.
Amin married in 2003 and is the father of three beautiful daughters. He is an entrepreneur, a nonprofit healthcare founder, and a servant leader. Listening to community needs and finding innovative ways to serve has always been part of Amin’s passion, vision, and mission.
By education and profession, Amin is a software engineer. As a small business owner, he has built up a vast network of customers and associates who are loyal to him because of his commitment to excellence and professionalism.
He is also a firm believer in giving back to those around him, especially when it comes to helping others less fortunate than himself. He founded Eixsys Healthcare System in 2014 and devoted his time to volunteering and establishing this nonprofit healthcare organization
He is also passionate about helping others achieve success by providing guidance and advice when needed. His goal is to offer assistance to others in achieving their dreams and aspirations by providing them with tools to reach their goals and objectives.
Amin was named the Investor of the Year by the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce in 2016.In addition, he served on several boards, including the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce (2016 – 2021) and the Round Rock Police Foundation (2018 – 2021). He is an alumnus of the Leadership Round Rock Class of 2016, where he learned the importance of civic engagement and local leadership.
Once he earned his Master’s degree, Amin was still in search of more knowledge in his field. As he was writing his dissertation to earn a Doctorate in Business Administration, he shifted from academics to finding a technology solution to Healthcare Interoperability. From that moment on, his focus turned to the fast-moving field of computer technology as it relates to healthcare.